That’s a wrap

We are at the end of another season. As usual it has been a busy spring with lots of work to get the season closed down. Thanks to all who volunteered their time and talent to get the job done. Without you there is no trail system.

Groomer Maintenance

We once again had a good crew to complete groomer spring maintenance. Thanks to Ian, Devin, Lavoy, Randy, Kevin, Steve, Tony and John. Its great to have a group of mechanically capable individuals willing to work together to keep our most important piece of equipment in top condition and “at the ready” for next season.

Drag Maintenance

Special thanks to Lavoy for rebuilding the rear axle on the drag. We’ve been getting by with it for a few seasons and it was definitely in need of replacement. Thank you for taking on this task and knocking it out of the park!!!

Trail Sign Removal

This past weekend we were able to retrieve the signs from the trail system. With the late season snows and cold this job got pushed back a few weeks but we were still able to get the signage out of the way before area farmers got going (always an important consideration for our trail signage installation and removal timing).2018SignRemovalCrew Once again we had a capable and hardworking crew and lucked out with a beautiful day. Thanks to Kyle, Garrison, Regan, Adam, Gus, John, Brian, Matt and Kevin for getting this big job knocked out of the way.

And That’s a Wrap

Groomer, drag and sign trailer have been stored for the summer and the past season laid to rest. Our focus now turns to planning and preparation for next season…as they say, no rest for the weary.

We hope you were able to get out and enjoy the trails this season and in doing so, we also hope you took a moment to think about the effort it takes to make the trail system possible. As you reflect on past seasons and trail riding experiences with friends and family, please consider your role in the future of snowmobiling. Without snowmobilers there is no reason to have a trail system. Without volunteers there is no trail system. What are you willing to do to ensure future trail riding experiences are possible?

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