Getting Closer

Trail Status and Conditions

We are getting closer to having enough snow to open the trails. Pay attention to the official trail status and conditions available on the Snowmobile ND site and use this information as your guide to trail closures and conditions. Also check out the “Grooming Facts” section on our Trail Information page for additional information.

Interactive Trail Map

GroomedTrailMapTrail groomers are now equipped with GPS units to track their progress as the trail system is groomed. Visit the interactive trail map and use it as another tool to understand the conditions of your favorite trails.

An important reminder for all riders is to be sure to allow the trail time to setup after grooming. Without setup time, a freshly groomed trail can be trashed by a single rider…don’t be “that guy”. Several factors affect trail setup time but 2 hours is generally the minimum. Be the guy that helps other riders understand the importance of waiting for the trail to set up so we can all enjoy the efforts of the trail groomer.

Trail Moves

There are two temporary changes on our trail system due to ongoing work related to the Fargo diversion.

State highway 81 north of Hickson

The trail detours off of highway 81 and heads west at 50th St SE and then curves south on Main Ave to meet up with highway 81 at the north edge of Hickson. The area of highway 81 being avoided is an active construction zone and as such contains several hazards that forced a detour. Please follow trail markings.

Intersection of county highways 16 and 17 south of Horace

Be aware the trail crosses county highway 17 about 3/4 mile north of the intersection with county highway 16. The highway traffic speed limit is reduced in this area but your safety is still your responsibility. Pay attention to the signs that guide you across the highway, especially the stop signs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday season from the Red River Sno-Riders.

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