And We’re Off

Welcome to the new season. The first blog post of the season generally occurs quite a bit earlier but it has been a busier than normal fall since we are working to get new trail maps prepared. Regardless of the latency of this first post we members and volunteers of your local snowmobile club have been preparing for the upcoming season for a couple months now and like you are looking forward to the promise of a fun and safe snowmobiling season. The past several seasons have been pretty lackluster but keep the faith, its sure to turn around and when it does, we will be ready.

So what’s going on? Here are some things to be aware of and some opportunities to get involved.

Trail Signing

Trail signing was started the first weekend of November and we are hoping to be able to wrap it up this Saturday, Nov 17th. We have about 35 miles left to cover, which is somewhere around 400 signs so we can certainly use more volunteers to get the job done.

We will be assembling at Casey’s in Horace at 9:30am then traveling to Christine with the plan to sign from Christine to Walcott to Kindred to Davenport to County 17. Please consider volunteering some time to help out this weekend. We’ll be easy to spot on this route so you won’t have a problem finding us if you can only help out for a couple hours near your home area.

State Convention

Our club will again have representation at the State Snowmobile Convention in Minot Nov30-Dec1. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other clubs in the state and share ideas. Attendees will also be renewing Groomer Operator and Trail Signing certifications. Have ideas/concerns you would like voiced at the state level? Feel free to let us know.

Annual Kickoff Party – Saturday Dec. 8th

Save the date. Each year we hold our Kickoff Party as a fundraiser and membership drive to help cover costs for trail installation and maintenance. This year’s event will be held at Big Erv’s in Horace from 5-8pm. You can be sure it will be a great time with lots of raffles and door prizes.

This is an easy and fun way to support your local snowmobiling club. Attending also comes with a bonus in that you can come away with some sweet prizes. Hope to see you there.

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