Trail Signing – Saturday, Nov 19th

Installing the trail system is the biggest effort the club takes on each season. The snow is already starting to accumulate and with more cold temperatures on the way the ground will be freezing up soon so it’s time to get this job done.


Trail signing is scheduled to start this Saturday, Nov 19th. The plan is to meet at 9:00am at Casey’s in Horace. Once assembled we will determine how many crews we can send out and which areas each crew will cover. If you have a 4-wheeler please bring it along as they provide a real boost to efficiency. If you have safety clothing (fluorescent yellow or blaze orange) bring that along as well and wear it. We will have some available but want to make sure everyone is as visible as possible for safety.

Can’t commit to the whole day? That’s fine too. Any time you can provide would be great. Contact us via Facebook or email us at to let us know your schedule and we can exchange contact info to ensure we can meet somewhere on the trail.

Additional signing days will be scheduled as needed after this initial push so if this Saturday doesn’t work out for you, stay tuned for additional opportunities to help out.

We are all volunteers and without volunteers, there is no trail. Please consider helping out, even if it is for a short period of time, every set of hands helps.

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Club Meeting – Wed Nov 2nd

Our next club meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov 2nd at 7pm at the Horace Fire Station.

With a successful Kickoff Party behind us, the club’s focus will move to other season preparation efforts. The biggest effort each season is trail installation and is the time when we need the most involvement. If you enjoy riding the trails, please consider getting involved. As with most volunteer efforts, many hands make light work…plus it’s just more fun when new people get involved. Stay tuned in the coming days for more information and timing.

Hope to see you at the meeting Wednesday!!!

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Kickoff Party Recap and Thank You

This year’s edition of our annual fundraiser was once again a wonderful success. We had a great crowd, a great set of sponsors and a great group of volunteers that culminated in a fun and fantastic event. Our attendees went home with a lot of great prizes and no one left empty handed.

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to our sponsors who’s generosity made this event possible. Please thank and support these businesses and individuals for their support of your local snowmobile trail system.

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Annual Kickoff Party – Fri, Oct 28th

The club will be holding our Annual Kickoff Party Friday, Oct 28th from 5:30-9pm at Big Erv’s in Horace. This event is a great way to support for your local snowmobile club whose volunteers create and maintain the local snowmobile trail.

See the flyer below for details. Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed Oct 5th

We are already at our second club meeting of the new season. We will be meeting Wednesday, Oct 5th at 7pm at the Fire Hall in Horace.

The primary focus of the meeting will be continued preparation for our annual Kickoff Party. This year’s Kickoff Party is scheduled for Friday, October 28th from 5:30-9:00pm at Big Ervs Bar & Grill in Horace. This is our club’s primary fundraising event so save the date and come out to support your local snowmobile club!!!

As always, the club has a busy fall ahead preparing for the upcoming season, but we are never too busy to meet fellow snowmobilers. A club meeting is a perfect opportunity to learn about the club and make some new friends. Hope to see you at our next meeting.

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Trail Sign Removal – May 7th

The weather has finally given us a break so we can begin the work of collecting signs from the trail system. This is one of the really big jobs the club has to complete each year. We can always use more help with this type of effort and it’s a great opportunity to give back to your local snowmobile club and even meet some new friends. As we all know, many hands make light work.

If you can help, meet at Casey’s in Horace this Saturday, May 7th at 9am. If you have a 4-wheeler bring it as that can help expedite the process. We will be along roads so if you have fluorescent/high-vis clothing, wear it to increase safety. We will have some on-hand as well.

See you Saturday!!!

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Club Meeting – Wed May 4th

It’s time for our last meeting of the year. The meeting will be held at the Fire Hall in Horace at 7pm on Wed, May 4th.

The primary topic will be club board elections. We have been going year by year with our board positions so it’s time to do it again so we can have the new board in place for pre-planning tasks for next season. Being on the board is the ultimate way to get involved with your local snowmobile club. Hope you can join us and support the process.

At the last meeting, we began the process of pre-planning for next season and those discussions will continue at this meeting as well. Now is actually a great time to get involved as decisions this spring are an important part of setting the club up for success next season.

With all the wet weather we have not been able to get out to remove trail signs. As the weather improves, we will be getting after it as soon as we can to ensure we are out of the way for the spring farming efforts. Please stay tuned for timing and come out and lend a hand. It’s a big job so more hands are always welcome to ensure we can get the job done quickly.

We’ll see you there!!!

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Club Meeting – Wed, April 6th

Our next club meeting will be held Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm at the fire hall in Horace.

With the trail season at an end its time to start winding down club activities for the year. We have two big efforts remaining to close out the season; trail sign removal and groomer maintenance. Scheduling these efforts will be a priority at this meeting. We will be in need of volunteers to help get these efforts knocked out so please stay tuned for more info on timing.

We hope you were able to take opportunities this winter to get out and enjoy the trails with family and friends. The excessive winds this winter led to some struggles at times with snow conditions, which truth be told was pretty tough on grooming equipment. On the bright side though we were able to make the best of the snow conditions we had and keep the system open for most of the season thanks to the dedication of our groomer operators.

We are always looking to meet more snowmobilers and hope you will join us to learn more about the club and the great group of volunteers we have that make the local trails possible. See you at the meeting.

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Club Meeting – Wed, March 2nd

Our next club meeting will be Wednesday, March 2nd at 7pm at the Fire Hall in Horace.

We are already in the last month of the trail season. Thats right, trails close April 1st so get out there and enjoy the trails while you can. The near-term weather forecast looks to be good for holding onto the snow we have. The winds, rain and melt have made trail grooming a real challenge this season, but at least we have snow so we’ll continue to do the best we can with the snow we have.

We are always looking to meet new riders so come join us at this club meeting and see what we are all about and learn what goes into keeping the trail system safe. Hope to see you there.

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Want a Sno-Riders Hoodie?

Last season we ordered club hoodies.

After receiving several inquiries from folks wanting one, we are going to do another order.

If you are interested, please click here to download the order form. You must mail this form with your payment before March 18, 2022.

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