Annual Kickoff Party postponed

After much thought, discussions, and consideration, we decided as a club to postpone the Kick Off party until a later date (yet to be determined). As the number of Covid cases rise again in ND and in our area, we feel it’s our responsibility as a club to do our part to help and not hold a big public gathering. We will watch the numbers over the next couple of months and hopefully move it to sometime in December.

Stay tuned for updates…

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Club Meeting – Wed, Oct 7th

Can you feel it? Well maybe not this week with the temps we’ve been experiencing, but between the leaves falling and the occasional frosty morning we are definitely on our way to another snowmobile season. We’ll continue season planning and preparation at our club meeting this Wednesday at 7pm at the Horace Fire Station (park and enter on north side of building).

Primary topics for the meeting will include: Trail signing, Kickoff Party planning, State Ride, and groomer prep.

There will be an informal social from 6-7pm at Big Erv’s (across the street) before the meeting. This is a nice opportunity to talk snowmobiles and meet other riders. Even if you don’t know anyone, just stop in a look for a group of folks who appear to be suffering from 2-stroke exhaust withdrawals. We’re all easy to spot that way aren’t we? Seriously though, there should be a person or two wearing Sno-Riders swag so won’t be hard to spot.

All club meetings and gatherings are family friendly and everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a member to attend.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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Club Meeting – Wed Sept 9th

Summer may not be completely over but it is winding down. Which means it’s time to begin preparing for the upcoming trail season. We will hold our first meeting of the season on Wed, Sept 9th at 7pm at the Fire Hall in Horace.

Come join us and learn what the we are all about and meet the wonderful group of volunteers that commit their personal time to create and maintain the local trail system that we all enjoy.

There is never a bad time to get involved in a snowmobile club. If you like the idea of having snowmobile trails to ride, it’s time to consider what it takes to make those trails a reality and how you can be part making it happen.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed, June 3rd

We will be holding our last club meeting of the season Wed, June 3rd at 7pm. We will be meeting at the Fire Hall in Horace as this space will allow us to maintain social distancing so everyone can feel comfortable attending. The primary agenda items include:

  • End of season reports
  • Trailer wheel cover(s)
  • Off season needs
  • Next season early prep needs
  • Elections
  • Next meeting

As you can see, this meeting will include elections for club board positions. wewantyouWe always need new people to get involved to ensure the club continues to move forward in a meaningful and sustainable fashion. Some of us have been deeply involved for a long time and are not afraid to admit that parts of our thinking may be outdated in some respects.

New people bring the new ideas, new tactics and new energy needed to continue to grow the club which in turn can help more people and families safely enjoy this sport for which we all have such passion.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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May Meeting pushed to June

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. Although the Covid19 guidance is beginning to relax, the club will not hold a May meeting. We have the season pretty much closed out so what is left is prep for next season and elections. These topics can wait so we will add a Wed June 3rd meeting to get them completed. Details will be communicated as we get closer.

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April Club Meeting and End of Season

There will be no in-person April club meeting due to social distancing recommendations. No, unfortunately this is not an April Fools thing.

Currently we are conducting club business via normal forms of indirect communication. This has been sufficient thus far, but we will consider virtual meeting options if needed.

Today (April 1st) is the official end of the trail season so our focus now turns to end of season groomer maintenance and trail sign removal. Both are large efforts that we must accomplish in a timely manner that keeps our volunteers safe and adheres to social distancing requirements.

For trail sign pickup this likely boils down to having several very small groups of people (preferably from the same household) working independently. So as things dry up in the coming weeks please feel free to start picking up trail signs. Just let us know what areas you cleared…and take some pics that we can share ( or FaceBook). When you are out, please be aware of road traffic and be as visible as possible…flashers on and bright clothing at a minimum.

Stay safe everybody.

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Club Meeting – Wed, Mar 4th

Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 4th at 7pm at Big Erv’s in Horace.

We’re headed toward the end of the trail season so discussion will include some end of season preparation.

Discussion topics will include:
– Ongoing trail and groomer maintenance
– Equipment storage location search
– Planning for board elections

All are welcome and as always, there will be time after the meeting to talk snowmobiling.

Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed. Feb 5th

Our next club meeting will be held on Wednesday Feb. 5th at 7pm at Big Ervs in Horace.

Agenda items will include:

  • Ongoing trail and groomer maintenance topics.
  • Notes from State Ride.
  • Supporting Rural Cass SnoJam event.

Relatively light agenda so we should be able to get the business out of the way and have time to chat about our favorite winter pastime. Hope to see you there.

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Youth Snowmobile Safety Course coming to Fargo Saturday, Jan 11th

North Dakota Parks and Rec is offering a Youth Snowmobile Safety course this Saturday, January 11th in Fargo.

North Dakota law requires youth ages 10 and older, who do not have a valid driver’s license or permit, to take a safety certification class. In addition, those 10 and 11 also need to be directly supervised by a parent or guardian while on public lands, including the state trail system.

Saturday, January 11th 1:00-4:00 pm

Robert D Johnson Recreation Center
1104 2nd Ave S.
Fargo, ND,

Register by emailing

Additional information available at:…/r…/snowmobile/snowmobile-safety

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Club Meeting – Wednesday, Jan 1st

Our next club meeting will be held Wednesday, January 1st at 7pm at Big Erv’s in Horace. What could be better than to start off the new year with snowmobiling? 🙂
Primary agenda items will include:
– State Convention recap
– Groomer Operator training recap
– Ongoing trail maintenance
Hope to see you there.
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