Club Meeting – Tues, Dec 6th

We will be meeting at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. Check out the agenda below and join us. 

  • Trail Map progress
  • Membership cards
  • State Convention update
  • Kickoff Party final planning
  • Trail Grooming plans

Kickoff Party is coming Saturday, December 10th

Make sure you have your calendar marked for this annual event. This event is our primary fundraiser and membership drive for the year and is always a great time. It’s the perfect opportunity to support your local snowmobiling club while winning cool prizes and meeting other snowmobilers. Pretty simple huh? From snowmobiling gear to beer signs to meat, there is sure to be prizes you would like to take home. Plan to join us.

Snow is coming. Are you ready?

With two big snow events to the east and west of us already this year, it seems inevitable we will be next. With the marginal to no snowfall of the past few winters, interest in snowmobiling as been waning. Still I and the other hardcore snowmobilers I know are confident this is the year we return to at least a normal snow pack and we will be able to keep the trails open and hold our Radar Run in February.

When we do finally get that decent snow year will you be ready? As a club we work hard to be ready to go when the conditions allow. This year is no different, we are ready! Take time now to prepare so you will be ready when the conditions favor this sport we all love. I know it’s been a tough couple years, but don’t give up, get ready.

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Trail Signing Complete

Yes, you read it right, trail signing is complete. We had a great group of hard working volunteers who put in a full day from 9am to sunset on Saturday to knock out the signing on all but the last couple miles of the trail were finished on Sunday afternoon. Yup, missed another Vikings loss. 100_0772

We had enough hands to assemble two separate signing crews, and with Matt and Kevin on 4-wheelers we were able to maintain a strong pace and even had time to break for some lunch at Brewzers in Walcott.

Here is a shot of our volunteers back in Horace just after sunset. From left to right is Gus Ries, Regan Miller, Brian & Troy Mullenberg, Lucas, Larissa, Kevin & Ben Johnson and Matt Langlie. Not pictured are Kevin Sandness and John Ries (behind the camera).

If you have the opportunity, be sure to extend your thanks to these folks for their commitment to preparing the trail system for the coming season. It was an awesome day and I couldn’t be more proud of how each of these guys stepped up to the plate.

Save the Date – Annual Kickoff Party, Saturday Dec. 10th

Our Annual Kickoff Party is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10th at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill from 6:00-8:30pm. This event is our primary fundraiser for the season’s trail grooming expenses and is the perfect opportunity to bring out your family and support your local snowmobiling club all while having a good time winning cool stuff. Mark your calendar and we’ll see you there.

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Trail Signing begins Sat, Nov 12th

The plan is to meet at Valley Fireworks, 720 Main St. Horace at 9am on Saturday, November 12th.

14585281_10154672558869165_188894429_nOnce we assemble we will determine how many crews we can send out and which areas each crew will cover. If you have a 4-wheeler please bring it along as they provide a real boost to efficiency of the process. If you have safety clothing (fluorescent yellow or orange) bring that along as well. We will have some available but want to make sure everyone is as visible as possible for safety.

Can’t commit to the whole project? That’s fine too. Any time you can provide would be great. Email us at to let us know your schedule and we can exchange contact info to ensure we can meet somewhere on the trail.


Other notes

We continue to move forward with efforts to print new trail maps for the season. We are still adding sponsors to advertise on the map at a cost of $50. We will be finalizing our map advertisers by Nov 13th so there is still time. If you are interested please contact us at

Elections were held and two new general board members were voted in. A big Thank You to Betty and Kevin for stepping up to help keep the club moving forward.

With new faces in the club, we are gaining more fresh ideas which is a great thing. Now what we need is help to bring the best of those ideas to reality. Join us for our next club meeting on Tuesday, December 6th to see how you can get involved and make a difference.

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Club Meeting – Tues, Nov 1st

We will be meeting at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. Below is the agenda and following that is some background on each of the items to help you prepare. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Agenda :

  • Elections
  • Trail Map progress
  • Trail Signing schedule
  • State Snowmobile Convention
  • Kickoff Party planning

Elections – we will be electing positions of Vice President, Secretary, Trail Coordinator & 2 general board positions. Come with your nominations and get involved.

Trail Map progress – we are preparing to reprint trail maps this year so we are busy acquiring sponsors to advertise on the map as well as considering enhancements to map content.

Trail Singing schedule – we’ll pick some dates for the trail signing effort based on what I find when checking out the farming situation and based on availability of workers.

State Snowmobile Convention – This year’s convention is in Bottineau on Dec 2-3. This is an opportunity attend the required training to become certified for trail grooming and signing (don’t worry, you don’t need to be certified in trail signing to help out with that effort). It is also an opportunity to have your voice heard at the state level. To minimize the cost to the club, we need to get registered early. If you’d like to attend we’ll get you on the list. If your not sure, we’ll get your questions answered to help you decide.

Kickoff Party Planning – We are a go for Dec 10th. Need to work through details for the event and since this is our primary fundraiser for the year we need to begin the process of acquiring donations.

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Lots going on. Like what you ask?

The snow is not flying yet, heck we’ve barely seen frost this fall. Still there is a lot going on behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming snowmobiling season. Here are the big ones.

Trail Map Sponsor Advertising

It’s time to reprint trail maps so we are in the process of securing sponsor advertising to help offset the cost. If you would like to advertise on our trail map ($50) please contact us at If you know someone who may be interested, please share this information with them. Space is limited and we will be going to print in early November so don’t wait.

Trail Signing Prep

There has been a lot of extra effort over the years to build up the club’s ability to install, maintain and tear down trail signage. We are in pretty good shape with regard to available signs but there is always more to do. This year the focus is on safety when we are out doing trail work. Our signing trailer will now have caution lights and we will purchase additional safety clothing to increase visibility to passing traffic. In addition we are working to improve storage for un-mounted signs and miscellaneous club equipment. We’ve outgrown our piling system.

Speaking of trail signing, when will we be signing this year? We try to time this effort with the end of the farming season to minimize impact on those trying to finish tillage and mowing efforts. Each year is a bit different but normally we get started somewhere between the last weekend of October and mid-November. Stay tuned for more info.

Event Planning

We are planning for two major club events this year. We have ideas for more but currently don’t have the manpower to pull them off. If you’d like to see more club events, please get involved and bring along your riding buddies. Together we can make it happen.

Here is what we are currently planning. Get these on your calendar and of course, bring your friends.

Annual Kickoff Party – Saturday, December 10th – This event is our primary fundraiser and membership drive for the year. Lots of drawings and door prizes. If you’d like to donate any items for this event please contact us at

Radar Run – Saturday, February 11th – The name says it all. Snow conditions have been an issue for the past couple years. We are hopeful this year will be different.

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We Want You – Club elections Nov 1st

wewantyouOne important annual activity that will occur at our next club meeting is board elections. We are looking to fill several positions including Vice President, Secretary, Trail Coordinator and general board positions.

This is a great opportunity to get involved and help move the club forward. We want and need new ideas and people willing to help make those ideas reality. With the next meeting more than three weeks away, my ask is for you to think about your involvement in the club and consider ways that you could have a positive impact.

We Want You. Whether as a board member or a general club member, we want you and look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

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Club Meeting – Tues, Oct 4th

Our first club meeting of the season will be held on Tuesday, Oct 4th at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill.
Our last meeting in the spring included tentative planning for the upcoming season. The focus of this first meeting will be to complete that planning.
I hope you’ll join us to share your ideas and help make this a great year.
See you next Tuesday.
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