Trail Signing Completed

Well almost. There are a couple small areas that we needed to skip due to road construction and corn harvest but we are really, I mean REALLY close to complete.

Saturday’s weather made it a real struggle. After a delay to let the roads melt off we were greeted with an afternoon of persistent drizzle. If you thought it was a miserable day to be out, you were right.2089 We were all a bit soggy by the end of the day but also pretty proud that we persevered and made a lot of progress. Sunday was colder but at least it was dry. Thankfully the wind wasn’t beating us up. The past few years we have been pretty lucky with the weather so I guess it was time to for some payback. 🙂

We had 12 different people help over the weekend. Thank you to Matt L, Kevin J, Kevin S, Regan M, Garrison M, Lavoy W, Randy S, Steve A, Troy M, Gus R, Brian M and John R. You’re a hard working bunch and without your dedication there is no trail.

Now onto the next big project, the Annual Kickoff Party which will be held Saturday, Dec 2nd. Our next club meeting (Tuesday Nov 11th at 7pm) will focus on planning for this event. Hope you can join us and help make this event a success and fun for all.










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Trail Signing and Club Meeting

Trail Signing starts Saturday, Nov. 4th

We will be meeting at 9:30am at Casey’s in Horace.

14585281_10154672558869165_188894429_nOnce assembled we will determine how many crews we can send out and which areas each crew will cover. If you have a 4-wheeler please bring it along as they provide a real boost to efficiency. If you have safety clothing (fluorescent yellow or orange) bring that along as well. We will have some available but want to make sure everyone is as visible as possible for safety.

Can’t commit to the whole project? That’s fine too. Any time you can provide would be great. Contact us via Facebook or  email us at to let us know your schedule and we can exchange contact info to ensure we can meet somewhere on the trail.

Club Meeting – Tuesday, Nov. 7th

Our next club meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7th at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. The primary agenda item will be Kickoff Party planning. Hope to see you there.

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Are You Ready?

With the start of the season drawing near we all need to get prepared. 2017-2018_WeatherPredictionOf course we all realize the importance of getting our equipment and gear prepped for the fun that is sure to come. But as mature and responsible enthusiasts we understand that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Part of a community focused on creating and protecting snowmobiling opportunities at the local, state and national levels. We each will choose our personal level of involvement in this community but at a minimum there are a couple important tasks we each need to get knocked off our TODO lists in support of that community. Here they are:

Snowmobile Registration

The ND snowmobile registration cycle is 2 years and this is the year for renewals. Why is this important? Without snowmobile registrations, there is no state snowmobiling program. Its that simple.

The registration fee we pay is only part of the program’s funding equation. The number of registered sleds is also an important factor in calculating the funding that will be made available through the state’s parks and recreation department. Bigger registration numbers is also an indicator used to help legislators understand the importance of snowmobiling in the state. The bottom line is fewer registered sleds means inadequate funding and a lower perceived value in the legislature. Does that sound good to you? Me neither. Don’t wait, get your sleds registered.

Snowmobile Club Membership

Local snowmobile clubs and their volunteers are the backbone of the snowmobiling community. Memberships are critical to the ability of these clubs to establish and maintain trail systems. We need the support of local snowmobilers to do what we do. Becoming a member or renewing your membership is one way to show that support and help provide the resources and representation needed to sustain our local trail system. You’ve heard it many times, we cannot do it without your support.

Membership cards are available on our trail maps, at several sponsors as well as on our web site by clicking here.

The annual membership fee is $30 again for this season. Same for individual or family membership. By paying your membership before Dec 1st you also will be automatically subscribed to the state’s SnoDak news publication so don’t wait.


Upcoming events

Saturday, Nov 4th – Tentative Trail Signing Start – Each year we do our best to wait for the bulk of the field work to complete before we start setting trail signs. This year is no different. We’ll need to take a look at the fieldwork adjacent to the trail system and will make a go/no go decision by the middle of next week. Stay tuned.

Saturday, Nov 18th – Trail Signing – We will begin (or continue) signing by this date for sure. This is our latest start date to have a good chance to get signs in the ground before too much frost/snowfall.

Saturday, Dec 2nd – Kickoff Party – Mark your calendars now for this annual club event. It’s always a good time and there are always lots of cool raffle prizes and giveaways.

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It’s Go Time

Another summer is past and the promise of a fantastic snowmobile season is before us. Fantastic? Well maybe we should set more realistic expectations and wish for a normal winter. You know, a winter where we can ride at every opportunity rather than a day here or there between those frustrating thaws. Wouldn’t that be great? Absolutely, so we’d better start preparing!

Club meeting – Tuesday Oct. 3rd

This will be our first club meeting of the new season. We’ll meet at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. The primary agenda is to set season goals and initiate a plan to achieve them. Its always a good time to join your local club but right now is when you can have the biggest impact. We have a handful of dedicated individuals that each year go the extra mile (risking burnout) just to achieve the minimum club goals. More club activities requires more club involvement. Come join us and help make this a great year.

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Club Meeting, Tuesday May 2nd

It’s time for the last meeting of the season. Join us at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill.

At this meeting we will  put a wrap on this season and start prepping for the next. The agenda includes:

  • Groomer equipment maintenance and storage update
  • End of season reporting to the state
  • Committee elections
  • Initial plan for next season

Next season seems a long way away but its never too early to starting thinking about getting involved in your local club. This is a great time to get involved and help set the direction for the next year. Hope to see you there.

Groomer drag maintenance this weekend

We finally were able to get the materials needed to replace the plastic on the drag pan. Lavoy and Tony got a start on the project last weekend by removing the old plastic. On Saturday we will be doing the work to put the new plastic on and rebuild/reposition the skid plates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, contact us through Facebook or email us at

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Trail sign pickup complete

We had a great and safe day out on the trail system picking up trail signs on Saturday. By mid afternoon we had completed sign retrieval and had all signs repaired and stored for the off-season.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to help.20170408_132059 Garrison, Kevin, Bryan, Lavoy, Ian, Matt & Regan in the picture with John behind the camera. Steve and Matt helped as well but were not able to stick around for lunch. This is a perfect example of the old adage “Many hands make light work”. Your commitment to helping the club is greatly appreciated.

If you see these guys around be sure to give them a personal thank you for their efforts.

One more cool bit of news. Bryan was able to secure an LED beacon for our signing trailer for added safety. It’s wired into the trailer’s electrical system so with the flip of a switch we are lit up and much more visible to traffic as we move along the trail system.

Is that it for the season?

Not quite. Turns out we have one more big job to complete. The pan on our grooming drag needs new plastic. This plastic is what protects the metal pan that levels the snow so it’s a large piece of material. We are pushing to get it replaced prior to moving everything to summer storage, we just need to get the new plastic from storage in Bismarck. If you are making a trip through Bismarck and could help us out please let us know via Facebook or sending us an email at

We will have our final club meeting of the season on Tuesday, May 2nd. The agenda will include committee elections and a laying out a rough plan for next season. Start thinking about getting involved.

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Trail Sign pickup Sat, Apr 8th

Trail sign pickup is the one of our biggest tasks so we can use all the help we can get. Whether for the whole day or a couple hours, please consider helping out. We will be meeting at Casey’s in Horace at 9am Saturday morning. If you have a 4 wheeler, throw on a helmet and bring it along as it really helps expedite the process. No problem if you can’t meet at 9am, just contact us by email or Facebook and we’ll figure out way to meet out on the trail.

Grooming equipment maintenance update

We were able to complete the normal end of season maintenance on the groomer and drag this past weekend. There are additional tasks 20170401_144926_001left on each that we will continue to work on prior to summer storage but overall we are in pretty good shape. Thanks to Tony, Allen, Lavoy, Ean & John for spending time on this important work. Special thanks to Lavoy for sharing his shop and tools.

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