Trail Sign pickup Sat, Apr 8th

Trail sign pickup is the one of our biggest tasks so we can use all the help we can get. Whether for the whole day or a couple hours, please consider helping out. We will be meeting at Casey’s in Horace at 9am Saturday morning. If you have a 4 wheeler, throw on a helmet and bring it along as it really helps expedite the process. No problem if you can’t meet at 9am, just contact us by email or Facebook and we’ll figure out way to meet out on the trail.

Grooming equipment maintenance update

We were able to complete the normal end of season maintenance on the groomer and drag this past weekend. There are additional tasks 20170401_144926_001left on each that we will continue to work on prior to summer storage but overall we are in pretty good shape. Thanks to Tony, Allen, Lavoy, Ean & John for spending time on this important work. Special thanks to Lavoy for sharing his shop and tools.

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End of Season is upon us

Groomer Maintenance – Sat, Apr. 1st

We are preparing for end of season maintenance on the grooming equipment and actually are ready to go for getting the job done tomorrow. I know its late notice but if you were in the groomer class this past winter and want a chance to learn a bit about the equipment you will be running, this is a great opportunity to get a closer look. We’ll be starting in the morning…drop us a note on Facebook if you are interested.

Trail Sign Removal – Sat, Apr. 8-9th

This is the 2nd biggest task of our season and we can use your help. With the warm, dry weather we have been experiencing, the ditches and road shoulders are drying up pretty well so we are expecting to be able to start the process of dismantling the trail system next weekend. We always want to get the signs picked up as soon as possible to ensure we are not in the way of any farming activities. The more help we can get, the better. More details will be coming next week.

Drop us an email or message us on Facebook and let us know when you can help. If you’ve got a 4-wheeler bring it along as it definitely helps expedite the process.

Club Meeting – Tues, Apr. 4th

Our next club meeting will be at 7pm next Tuesday at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. The primary agenda will be end of season tasks but we will also be discussing plans for next season. This is a great time to get involved and help steer the club into the future. We’ve heard a lot of good ideas from you, now we need your help to make them reality. Hope to see you there.

2018 Snowmobile Manufacturers Sneak Peak – Mon, Apr 3rd

Get to the FargoDome next Monday to check out the 2018 snowmobile models first hand. The show is from 4-9pm. Visit for more info.

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Club Meeting Tues, Mar 7th

Next club meeting is at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill on Tuesday, March 7th at 7pm.

The agenda will be focused on end of season planning. The state trail system officially closes April 1st so we will be scheduling trail sign removal and trail groomer maintenance efforts.

Another interesting season

Its been an interesting season so far. At least we got the trail system opened and groomed a couple times before the January heat wave and subsequent mild weather knocked us out. Another year of minimal winter and extended spring in our region…ugh!!! Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy trails in other parts of the state. Either way we all need to keep the faith and look forward to the next chance to ride…whenever that may be.

Whatever the season’s outcome, the club has the same amount of startup and shutdown efforts to get accomplished and we need your help. Please consider joining us at the next meeting and see how you can get involved to make a difference or even just share a couple hours to help with trail teardown this spring. Any help is appreciated…and you can brag to your buddies that you did something to help the club that makes the local trail system they ride on possible.

2018 Snowmobile Manufacturers Sneak Peak

Fargo will once again be a stop on the annual snowmobile sneak peak tour. This is an opportunity to see the 2018 snowmobile models first hand and interact with manufacturer representatives. This years event is Wednesday, April 3rd from 4-9pm at the FargoDome. Visit for more info.

Check out the local dealerships too as there have been some 2018 models showing up in town already. Its never too early to start thinking about new hardware for next season and there’s no one better than your local dealership to answer your questions and help make it happen.

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Radar Run CANCELLED -Club Meeting Feb 7th

Yes folks, you read it right. We have been forced to cancel the radar run again this year. We cannot seem to catch a break from mother nature for this event. The warm weather a couple weeks ago ate up the base we had and the minimal snow and above freezing temps in the forecast means we will not be able to build a safe track.

The MN leg of the Bikini Radar Run for Breast Cancer in Crookston will still be happening so please keep supporting their efforts.

Club Meeting Tues, Feb 7th

Join us for a club meeting at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. With cancellation of the radar run the planned agenda is pretty slim but should allow for discussion of some future planning topics from our todo list.

The season is not over yet

…at least we hope not. When we get back to winter conditions we’ll be doing our best to get the trails back in shape.

The Rural Cass snowmobile club will be hosting SnowJam 2017 on Feb 25th. Hopefully you can attend and support this fun event. Click here for more info.

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Radar Run – Saturday, Feb 11th

Our Radar Run event is only a couple weeks away. Check out the flyer for information and pass it along to your friends and plan to join us for some fun.

The ND Bikini Riders for Breast Cancer will be joining us again. For more info or to participate in the bikini run fundraiser, contact Jolene at (218) 280-7277 or via Facebook: ND/MN Bikini Radar Run for Breast Cancer.

radarrun2017Another crazy winter warm up – How does this affect the Radar Run???

We lost a lot of our snow in the recent heat wave and have shut down grooming operations until we get new snow. It’ll take a fair amount to get us back into conditions where we can resume. There is still plenty of time for a recovery so keep doing the snow dance and praying for ‘seasonal’ weather.

We need to build our track for the Radar Run over a period of time in order to create a safe surface that will hold up to the abuse of multiple snowmobile runs. This means we need to make a go/no-go decision by Feb 1st. Stayed tuned for updates in early Feb.

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What have we been up to? Join us next Tuesday and find out more.

It has been a while since the last update. Between normal club activities, trail groomer maintenance, trail grooming and getting some much deserved seat time on the sled it has been a busy few weeks.

The trails have been seeing a lot of traffic so hopefully you are among those who have had an opportunity to get out and enjoy them. Thanks to Brian and John for their commitment to completing the first couple grooming passes. The first passes are always the toughest and the dry nature of the snow we’ve received so far didn’t make it any easier. Still we’ve got a good base down that hopefully will survive the current heat wave.

With the temps staying above freezing through the weekend we will not be grooming this week. Hopefully seasonal temps will prevail next week so we can get our new groomer operator recruits some seat time.

General Meeting – 7:00pm Tues. Jan 24th @ Brewzers in Walcott

Come join us for general discussion about the club and snowmobiling. We plan to hold a couple general meetings at various trail stops this winter to provide folks and easy opportunity to check out their local snowmobile club and how they might get involved. Hope to see you there.

Save the date – Radar Run and Bikini Radar Run for Breast Cancer – Saturday Feb. 11th

This year’s Radar Run is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 11th from 10am-2pm with bikini runs at 11am. Stay tuned for additional details.

For more info or to participate in the bikini run, contact Jolene at (218) 280-7277 or via Facebook: ND/MN Bikini Radar Run for Breast Cancer.

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Happy New Year – Club meeting this Tuesday

Happy New Year!

We’d like to extend wishes for a Happy New Year to our club members and friends in the extended wp_20161230_001snowmobiling community.

Although we don’t have a lot of snow locally yet we are hopeful the season will continue to crank up so we can get our trails opened up. Trail systems in other parts of the state that have seen heavy snow are starting to open up so get out there and take advantage of the opportunity to snowmobile in other parts of our state. Visit for information on state trails and check trail conditions.

Club Meeting – Tues, Jan 3rd, 7pm @ Rice Bar & Grill

Agenda items:

  • Kickoff party recap
  • Radar Run planning
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