Annual Kickoff Party – Fri, Oct 29th

The club will be holding our Annual Kickoff Party Friday, Oct 29th from 5:30-9pm at Big Erv’s in Horace. This event is a great way to support for your local snowmobile club who’s volunteers create and maintain the local snowmobile trail. Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed. Oct 6th

Our 2nd meeting of the new season will be held Wed, Oct 6th at 7pm at the Horace Fire Hall.

We have a busy preseason underway with preparations for our annual kickoff party fundraiser as well as our biannual rework of our trail maps. If you know of a business that would like to donate for our fundraiser or become a sponsor/advertise on our trail map please contact us at Or better yet stop in at our club meeting!!!

If you have never attended a meeting before, come see what they are all about. No commitment to join. Come meet some new people and ask questions or bring ideas and suggestions. If you have attended before, invite a riding buddy to join you.

Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed. May 5th

Our last club meeting of the season will be held Wednesday, May 5th at 7pm at the Horace fire hall.

Sign pickup, groomer maintenance and elections are done so this last meeting’s agenda will include topics to wrap up the current season, install our new board members and do some preliminary planning for next season (including maps, events & swag).

Hope you can join us.

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Trail sign pickup – Sat, April 17th

Last weekend we had a couple crews out to begin the process of picking up trail signs. We are planning to finish the job this weekend. What is left is Wild Rice south to Christine, west to Walcott then back north to Horace.

If you can help, meet at Casey’s in Horace this Saturday at 9am. If you have a 4-wheeler bring it. If you have fluorescent/high-vis clothing, wear it.

We also have two trailer loads of signs from last weekend’s effort that will need to be transferred into the sign trailer as part of finishing the job.

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Club Meeting – Wed, April 7th

Our next club meeting will be held Wednesday, April 7th at 7pm at the Horace Fire Hall.

The end of the season is upon us so primary discussion will be around trail sign removal, groomer maintenance/storage. These are big jobs that benefit from more volunteers so stay tuned for timing of these efforts and join in on the fun. Yes I said the fun, it really is more fun when more volunteers share the load.

We will also be holding club board elections at this meeting. Installing new board members in the spring allows the club to begin preparations for next season so this is activity is important for the future of the club. There is no better way to have an impact on advancing the sport of snowmobiling locally than to get involved in the leadership of your local snowmobile club. Take some time to think about how you could help the club by sharing your expertise as a board member.

Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed March 3rd

Wow, its already March and time for our monthly club meeting. The meeting will be at 7pm at the Horace Fire Hall.

Topics will include a review of the State Ride event held in early February and ongoing club business leading into the end of the season.

Yes, I mentioned end of the season. We are now in the last month of the trail season and the less than ideal snow conditions we have had are quickly deteriorating. Hopefully we can find some opportunities for more riding before its all gone.

Hope to see you there.

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State Ride is a go!!!

In true ND fashion, the Red River Sno-Riders and Rural Cass snowmobile clubs have decided to do the best we can with what we have. It is true, we won’t have the great snow conditions we all were hoping for but we will be working to groom what we can. All Sno-Riders trails will be groomed with the exception of the link between Walcott and Kindred. Rural class will be grooming from Davenport north through Mapleton and on to Harwood. Here is another/final update on the event details.

Stop in at any of 4 registration locations between 9am-4pm to get registered.

  • Harwood Grill & Saloon
  • Wild Rice Bar & Grill
  • Brewzers – Walcott
  • Hagge’s – Mapleton

$20 per snowmobile (5 tickets)

+ $5 for 2-up snowmobile rider (5 tickets)

$20 per person if driving (5 tickets)

$1 per additional ticket after registration

Drop your tickets in buckets at any of these 10 locations by 4pm for chances at prizes – drawings will be conducted Sunday and winners notified by phone

  • Davenport Supper Club (open at 11am)
  • Big Erv’s – Horace (open at 10am)
  • Knickerbocker – Hickson (open at 11am)
  • Christine Liquors – (open at 10am)
  • Brandon’s Fort Saloon – Abercrombie (open at 11am)
  • Kindred Spirits Bar – (open at noon)
  • Brewzers – Walcott (open at 9am)
  • Wild Rice Bar (open at 9am)
  • Harwood Grill and Saloon (open at 9am)
  • Hagge’s – Mapleton (open at 9am)

And that’s not all. There is also a vintage show and swap meet associated with this event.

  • Vintage Show
    • Hagges – Mapleton
    • Registration starts at 9am.
    • 12 classes Trophies at noon
    • Vintage Ride after Trophy presentation
  • Swap Meet
    • Hagges parking lot
    • Starts at 9am.
    • Free swap spots!

The clubs have not been able to hold the normal fundraisers due to Covid and we are doing our best with this event to allow people to stay safe by having multiple registration sites and a delayed prize drawing. It is a bit unconventional but we believe it will still allow for a fun event. We hope you can find time to join us in support of those that support snowmobiling.

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Club Meeting – Wed Feb 3rd

Next club meeting is Wed Feb 3rd at 7pm at the Horace fire hall.

State ride is this weekend and will be the primary focus of discussion at this meeting. An update of trail conditions will be an important aspect for this event. Although local snowfall has been less than great, the small snow events along with some wind has been slowly improving the overall conditions. There has been some initial grooming completed on our eastern trails where the snow is more adequate. With With more snow/wind on the way this week we are still hopeful to be able to get the entire system open for the weekend.

Keep watching for updated details for the state ride here and on Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and at the State Ride.

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State Ride is almost here – Sat Feb 6th

We have been talking about the State Ride for a long time and its now just over a week away. We have been working hard to find alternatives to host this event in a way that does not require attendees to congregate in a large group. To that end we will have multiple registration sites and we will do the drawings for prizes at a later date. Kind of weird we know, but we believe it will allow everyone to have fun while keeping safe.

Here is a flyer with the information we are currently broadcasting but stay tuned here and/or on Facebook for additional details/updates. Keep in mind, this event is across the Red River Sno-Riders and Rural Cass trail systems so there is a lot of opportunity to social distance. 🙂

So ride or trailer to a registration site and register for the event which will get you tickets. Each trail stop will have a prize identified on a bucket, drop a ticket (or tickets) into the bucket for a chance at that prize. Registration will open at 9am and we will pick up the buckets at 4pm. Drawing winners will be contacted by phone.

In conjunction with the state ride there will also be a Vintage show and swap meet. Below is the current information for that portion of the event. Again stay tuned…

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Club Meeting, Wed Jan 6th

Happy New Year to all. Our next club meeting is Wednesday, January 6th at 7pm at the Horace Fire Station.

The State Ride is now only a month away (Saturday, Feb 6th) so the primary focus will be solidifying event plans.

Where’s the snow?

After early snows in October, it appears mother nature has been holding out on us. Although our trails do have some snow cover (there certainly has been a lot of riding activity in the area in the past week) we are not yet at a point where we can begin grooming operations. We need to be able to create a minimum 4″ base (after grooming) to open the trail and much of the system just does not have the snow to do it yet. Guess we’ll just need to remain patient.

As a reminder, official trail condition information can be found using links from the “Trail Conditions” section on this site. Click on the Trail Information tab or here for general trail information.

Hope to see you on the trails soon!

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