Dec 2nd club meeting highlights

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the meeting.

The club currently has 31 members.  Of the 31 memberships,  17 are new members which means there are a number of past members that have not sent in their renewal. Every membership has an impact on your club’s ability to maintain your local trails. With not being able to have our annual kickoff party (which is also our annual fund raiser and membership drive) we need you to take an active role in renewing your membership. If you have not yet done so, please take time now to renew your membership. Email us at or message us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to make it quick and easy to get renewed.

Trail signing is complete and we are waiting for inspection by the state which is needed to open the trail system…well that and a minimum 4″ base after grooming. The forecast is not too promising at the moment but we all know how quickly that can change so do your part and get your snow dance moves on.

The club will be doing a membership drive with prizes for membership renewals and new memberships, check us out on Facebook for details.

The East Central Valley Trail Association met on Dec 9th to continue planning for the State Ride on Feb 6th. The primary discussion was again focused on ways to host a successful and fun event while allowing for social distancing and other group size limitations that may be in place on Feb 6th. Our next steps continue to be identifying satellite host locations on our trail system to remove the need for event attendees to congregate in ways where covid guidance cannot be maintained. Its going to be a busy week and weekend as we will need to have both trail systems in the best possible shape and we also will need to be present at each of the satellite locations for the duration of the event. This is a long way of asking you to be ready and willing to step up to help make this event a success.

Club ride—The club is still looking into options for a club ride and what will work with covid as it is uncertain what will be open. More to come on this at the upcoming meeting(s).  

Banners for club –Club member voted on and agreed to get a 3X8 and a 5X8 banner.  Still looking into pricing and options before proceeding.  More to info to be presented at next meeting. 

ND Parks and Recreation Snowmobile Safety  class tentatively set for Dec 28th from 2-4pm at Horace Fire Hall

Next club meeting will be Jan 6th , 2021  at 7 pm at Fire Hall in Horace

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Club Meeting – Wed, Dec 2nd

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We will have our next club meeting on Wed. Dec 2nd at 7pm at the fire hall in Horace. This space does provide the room we need to socially distance so as long as you feel comfortable, grab your mask and hand sanitizer and join us to help keep the club moving toward a successful season.

The primary topics will include the trail signing update, State Convention update, State Ride planning update and club ride planning.

Regarding the State Ride, the association met to discuss ways to host a successful and fun event while allowing for social distancing and other group size limitations that may be in place on Feb 6th. Our next steps are to discuss potential satellite host locations on our trail system to remove the need for event attendees to congregate in ways where covid guidance cannot be maintained. This along with any additional ideas will be brought to the next association meeting which is currently scheduled for Wed, Dec 9th at 7pm at Hagges in Mapleton.

Don’t forget to bring your ideas for this year’s club ride. We are planning to have a club ride again this year and need to nail down some plans.

Hope to see you there…and safe.

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Nov 4th club meeting highlights

Thank you to all who took their time to attend the meeting last night. We had 12 members in attendance.

Kickoff Party Update – Unfortunately we have had to cancel our annual kickoff party. We had hoped we could postpone until early Dec but all indications are the current public gathering limitations will still be in effect. We have received several donations for the event so we are looking to use those donations for the State Ride on Feb 6th.

Trail Signing – the decision was made to get started with trail signing this Sat, Nov 7th. Weather forecast is excellent so we want to take advantage of the nice conditions. With harvest and fieldwork wrapping up it also affords us the ability to start earlier this year. Details have been posted to Facebook and the web site.

Trail Grooming Equipment – Drag pan has new plastic, new tires and is ready to go for the season. Going to try to get a light added to the back of the drag to help with night grooming operations. Thanks to Dakota Cat for donating a light bar for this purpose! A leaky track roller showed up on the groomer over the summer so will be working to get that replaced.

Some news from the state level. The state has acquired 2 new groomers this season and has also gotten approval for 3 trail packers to help with early season trail base preparation.

Club Communications – the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of the Horace Happenings included an article highlighting the club’s role in the local snowmobiling scene. Efforts to gain club exposure through electronic media like Instagram & Facebook continues to be a focus.

Trail Maps – new trail maps have been printed for the season. Thank you to Short Printer for helping us out again! With covid having such an impact on many of our map sponsors we are keeping our existing sponsors/advertisements for an additional year at no additional cost as a thank you for their ongoing support. As we disperse maps we are including a letter to our map sponsors thanking them for their support.

Dakota Cat Open House – the event is Nov 13-14 with club members volunteering to staff an informational table to promote club membership and visibility into the club’s purpose.

Membership Drive – without the kickoff party we need other methods to drive membership. Several options were discussed including “membership sign up” rides that would include prizes. Also will look into a targeted membership drive similar to recent efforts to get people liking/sharing on Facebook.

Club Banner – we will be getting quotes on getting a banner(s) with club information that we can use at events to promote the club.

Association Meeting, Wed, Nov 11th – There will be an East Central Valley Trail Association meeting Wed, Nov 11th at 7pm at Hagge’s in Mapleton. The primary topic will be the State Ride which we are co-hosting with the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club. All are welcome to come and be part of preparing for this event.

Club Ride – some discussion about options for another club ride this year. Bring your ideas to the next club meeting.

Next Club Meeting – Wed, Dec 2nd at 7pm at the Horace Fire Hall.

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Trail Signing starts Saturday, Nov 7th

Installing the trail system is the biggest effort the club takes on each season. At the club meeting earlier this evening we found that we had interest in getting the trail signing process started a bit earlier than normal this year. Which is a great idea given the weather forecast.


So with that response, trail signing is scheduled to start this Saturday, Nov 7th. The plan is to meet at 9:00am at Casey’s in Horace. Once assembled we will determine how many crews we can send out and which areas each crew will cover. If you have a 4-wheeler please bring it along as they provide a real boost to efficiency. If you have safety clothing (fluorescent yellow or orange) bring that along as well and wear it. We will have some available but want to make sure everyone is as visible as possible for safety.

Can’t commit to the whole day? That’s fine too. Any time you can provide would be great. Contact us via Facebook or  email us at to let us know your schedule and we can exchange contact info to ensure we can meet somewhere on the trail.

Additional signing days will be scheduled as needed after this initial push so if this Saturday doesn’t work out for you, stay tuned for additional opportunities to help out.

We are all volunteers and without volunteers, there is no trail. Please consider helping out, even if it is for a short period of time, every set of hands helps.

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Club Meeting – Wed, Nov 4th

Our next club meeting will be held Wed, November 4th at 7pm at the Horace fire hall (which does provide space to social distance).

We are still in preparation mode for the upcoming season. One of the big tasks ahead of us is installation of the trail system. Trail signing and the associated preparation takes on average nearly 100hrs of volunteer time to complete each year. To put it another way, we need your help. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks as we communicate and coordinate the plan to get this job done.

The primary topics of the meeting will be trail installation planning, re-schedule of our annual kickoff party and state ride.

Hope to see you there.

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Annual Kickoff Party postponed

After much thought, discussions, and consideration, we decided as a club to postpone the Kick Off party until a later date (yet to be determined). As the number of Covid cases rise again in ND and in our area, we feel it’s our responsibility as a club to do our part to help and not hold a big public gathering. We will watch the numbers over the next couple of months and hopefully move it to sometime in December.

Stay tuned for updates…

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Club Meeting – Wed, Oct 7th

Can you feel it? Well maybe not this week with the temps we’ve been experiencing, but between the leaves falling and the occasional frosty morning we are definitely on our way to another snowmobile season. We’ll continue season planning and preparation at our club meeting this Wednesday at 7pm at the Horace Fire Station (park and enter on north side of building).

Primary topics for the meeting will include: Trail signing, Kickoff Party planning, State Ride, and groomer prep.

There will be an informal social from 6-7pm at Big Erv’s (across the street) before the meeting. This is a nice opportunity to talk snowmobiles and meet other riders. Even if you don’t know anyone, just stop in a look for a group of folks who appear to be suffering from 2-stroke exhaust withdrawals. We’re all easy to spot that way aren’t we? Seriously though, there should be a person or two wearing Sno-Riders swag so won’t be hard to spot.

All club meetings and gatherings are family friendly and everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a member to attend.

Hope to see you there!!!!

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Club Meeting – Wed Sept 9th

Summer may not be completely over but it is winding down. Which means it’s time to begin preparing for the upcoming trail season. We will hold our first meeting of the season on Wed, Sept 9th at 7pm at the Fire Hall in Horace.

Come join us and learn what the we are all about and meet the wonderful group of volunteers that commit their personal time to create and maintain the local trail system that we all enjoy.

There is never a bad time to get involved in a snowmobile club. If you like the idea of having snowmobile trails to ride, it’s time to consider what it takes to make those trails a reality and how you can be part making it happen.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed, June 3rd

We will be holding our last club meeting of the season Wed, June 3rd at 7pm. We will be meeting at the Fire Hall in Horace as this space will allow us to maintain social distancing so everyone can feel comfortable attending. The primary agenda items include:

  • End of season reports
  • Trailer wheel cover(s)
  • Off season needs
  • Next season early prep needs
  • Elections
  • Next meeting

As you can see, this meeting will include elections for club board positions. wewantyouWe always need new people to get involved to ensure the club continues to move forward in a meaningful and sustainable fashion. Some of us have been deeply involved for a long time and are not afraid to admit that parts of our thinking may be outdated in some respects.

New people bring the new ideas, new tactics and new energy needed to continue to grow the club which in turn can help more people and families safely enjoy this sport for which we all have such passion.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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May Meeting pushed to June

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. Although the Covid19 guidance is beginning to relax, the club will not hold a May meeting. We have the season pretty much closed out so what is left is prep for next season and elections. These topics can wait so we will add a Wed June 3rd meeting to get them completed. Details will be communicated as we get closer.

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