Trail sign pickup complete

We had a great and safe day out on the trail system picking up trail signs on Saturday. By mid afternoon we had completed sign retrieval and had all signs repaired and stored for the off-season.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to help.20170408_132059 Garrison, Kevin, Bryan, Lavoy, Ian, Matt & Regan in the picture with John behind the camera. Steve and Matt helped as well but were not able to stick around for lunch. This is a perfect example of the old adage “Many hands make light work”. Your commitment to helping the club is greatly appreciated.

If you see these guys around be sure to give them a personal thank you for their efforts.

One more cool bit of news. Bryan was able to secure an LED beacon for our signing trailer for added safety. It’s wired into the trailer’s electrical system so with the flip of a switch we are lit up and much more visible to traffic as we move along the trail system.

Is that it for the season?

Not quite. Turns out we have one more big job to complete. The pan on our grooming drag needs new plastic. This plastic is what protects the metal pan that levels the snow so it’s a large piece of material. We are pushing to get it replaced prior to moving everything to summer storage, we just need to get the new plastic from storage in Bismarck. If you are making a trip through Bismarck and could help us out please let us know via Facebook or sending us an email at

We will have our final club meeting of the season on Tuesday, May 2nd. The agenda will include committee elections and a laying out a rough plan for next season. Start thinking about getting involved.

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