Trail Sign pickup Sat, Apr 8th

Trail sign pickup is the one of our biggest tasks so we can use all the help we can get. Whether for the whole day or a couple hours, please consider helping out. We will be meeting at Casey’s in Horace at 9am Saturday morning. If you have a 4 wheeler, throw on a helmet and bring it along as it really helps expedite the process. No problem if you can’t meet at 9am, just contact us by email or Facebook and we’ll figure out way to meet out on the trail.

Grooming equipment maintenance update

We were able to complete the normal end of season maintenance on the groomer and drag this past weekend. There are additional tasks 20170401_144926_001left on each that we will continue to work on prior to summer storage but overall we are in pretty good shape. Thanks to Tony, Allen, Lavoy, Ean & John for spending time on this important work. Special thanks to Lavoy for sharing his shop and tools.

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