Trail Signing Complete

Yes, you read it right, trail signing is complete. We had a great group of hard working volunteers who put in a full day from 9am to sunset on Saturday to knock out the signing on all but the last couple miles of the trail were finished on Sunday afternoon. Yup, missed another Vikings loss. 100_0772

We had enough hands to assemble two separate signing crews, and with Matt and Kevin on 4-wheelers we were able to maintain a strong pace and even had time to break for some lunch at Brewzers in Walcott.

Here is a shot of our volunteers back in Horace just after sunset. From left to right is Gus Ries, Regan Miller, Brian & Troy Mullenberg, Lucas, Larissa, Kevin & Ben Johnson and Matt Langlie. Not pictured are Kevin Sandness and John Ries (behind the camera).

If you have the opportunity, be sure to extend your thanks to these folks for their commitment to preparing the trail system for the coming season. It was an awesome day and I couldn’t be more proud of how each of these guys stepped up to the plate.

Save the Date – Annual Kickoff Party, Saturday Dec. 10th

Our Annual Kickoff Party is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10th at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill from 6:00-8:30pm. This event is our primary fundraiser for the season’s trail grooming expenses and is the perfect opportunity to bring out your family and support your local snowmobiling club all while having a good time winning cool stuff. Mark your calendar and we’ll see you there.

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