Trail Signing begins Sat, Nov 12th

The plan is to meet at Valley Fireworks, 720 Main St. Horace at 9am on Saturday, November 12th.

14585281_10154672558869165_188894429_nOnce we assemble we will determine how many crews we can send out and which areas each crew will cover. If you have a 4-wheeler please bring it along as they provide a real boost to efficiency of the process. If you have safety clothing (fluorescent yellow or orange) bring that along as well. We will have some available but want to make sure everyone is as visible as possible for safety.

Can’t commit to the whole project? That’s fine too. Any time you can provide would be great. Email us at to let us know your schedule and we can exchange contact info to ensure we can meet somewhere on the trail.


Other notes

We continue to move forward with efforts to print new trail maps for the season. We are still adding sponsors to advertise on the map at a cost of $50. We will be finalizing our map advertisers by Nov 13th so there is still time. If you are interested please contact us at

Elections were held and two new general board members were voted in. A big Thank You to Betty and Kevin for stepping up to help keep the club moving forward.

With new faces in the club, we are gaining more fresh ideas which is a great thing. Now what we need is help to bring the best of those ideas to reality. Join us for our next club meeting on Tuesday, December 6th to see how you can get involved and make a difference.

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