Club Meeting – Wed April 3rd

Our next club meeting will be held Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm at Big Erv’s in Horace. wewantyouThe end of the season is upon us so agenda items will include scheduling and preparation for end of season tasks including groomer maintenance, groomer storage and trail sign removal.

In addition we will be holding elections of club officers. This is a great time of year to get involved in your local snowmobiling club. High level planning for next season starts this spring. New people bring new ideas. We want and need your involvement.

Hope to see you there.

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Club Meeting – Wed March 6th

Our next club meeting will be Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm at Big Erv’s in Horace.

We’ve had meetings in different corners of the trail system this season hoping to meet and get involvement from more riders from across the system. The turnout at these meetings was ZERO people beyond the existing active members so this month we are back to the most convenient location for those folks.

We are having the best snow season in several years and the club has been busy keeping up with trail and groomer maintenance. Main topic for this meeting will be ongoing trail maintenance but we will also start looking forward to “end of season” tasks. Yes, that’s right, we are already in the last month of the season (trails close April 1st). Get that riding in now, it’ll have to hold you till next season.

Hope to see you Wednesday.

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Club Meeting – Wed Feb 13th

Last week’s bliizzard forced postponement of our monthly club meeting to Wed Feb 13th. We are still planning to meet at Brewzers in Walcott at 7pm.

The following is from the original post for this meeting:

As you may already know, we are moving our meeting locations around some in an attempt to connect with folks from other parts of the trail system. We want to meet riders from all parts of the trail system and need involvement from all parts of the trail system. We hope when we come you your corner of the trail system you are willing to spend some time with us. We hope to see you in Walcott.

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Time to Ride

Forecast is looking good for the weekend


As I write this the temp is -22. In case you were wondering, YES, that is cold. The forecast for the coming weekend however is looking NICE. The snow conditions in the area are the best we’ve seen in a few years. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect day to ride, this weekend might just be it. The low temps have delayed our grooming operations but we do plan to have the trails groomed for the weekend. We hope you can find some time to get out with your family and friends to enjoy this sport we all love.

Next club meeting in Walcott, Wed Feb 6th

Our next club meeting is Wed, Feb 6th at 7pm at Brewzers in Walcott. As you may already know, we are moving our meeting locations around some in an attempt to connect with folks from other parts of the trail system. We want to meet riders from all parts of the trail system and need involvement from all parts of the trail system. We hope when we come you your corner of the trail system you are willing to spend some time with us. We hope to see you in Walcott.

SnowJam coming Sat Feb 9th

The Rural Cass snowmobile club will be hosting their annual SnowJam event on Saturday Feb 9th. Hope you can get out there and support one of our local clubs. Watch for details on their Facebook page at

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Next club meeting in Kindred, Wed Jan 9th

Our next club meeting is Wed, Jan 9th at 7pm at Spirits Lounge in Kindred. As we continue through the season we are moving our meeting locations around some in an attempt to connect with folks from other parts of the trail system. We want to meet riders from all parts of the trail system. We need involvement from all parts of the trail system. Our core group is willing to move around and we hope when we come you your corner of the trail system you are willing to spend some time with us. As noted in the heading, our next stop is in Kindred. We hope to see you there.

Trail Condition Information

Just a reminder that official trail status and condition information is located at

For additional trail information visit our web site at Trail Information and Trail Map.

Interactive trail maps showing recent groomer activity located at

Riding Etiquette

Just a reminder that as you are out riding this winter, please respect private property. You can legally ride on the snowmobile trail and road right of ways. Adjacent land is not necessarily open to snowmobiles. We are all representatives of the snowmobiling community and as such are all responsible for how we are viewed by the general public. So lets be respectful out there. It’s really pretty simple…if you don’t know, then don’t go.

Get out there and ride

We are nearing the heart of the riding season. I hope you have been able to get out and start enjoying the sport with family and friends. Mother nature has really been keeping us on our toes and you can be sure we will be doing our best with the provided snow conditions. Keep doing that snow dance, get out there riding and support the clubs that provide the trails you ride. Be safe and have fun out there.

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Kickoff Party 2018 a success

20181208_191025Thank you to all that came out in support of our annual kickoff party last Saturday evening. Attendance was fantastic and it really was a fun event. For those that were able to join us we hope you enjoyed your time and went home with some nice stuff. For those that weren’t there, chat with someone who was and I guarantee you’ll make sure to not miss it next year!!!

Once again this year we had several businesses donate items for this event. Their generosity and support is critical to the club’s ability to maintain the trail system. Be sure to visit and thank these businesses for their generosity.

Big Erv’s Bar and Grill – Horace ND Brandon’s Fort Saloon – Abercrombie ND
Brewzers Bar – Walcott ND Christine Liquors – Christine ND
Dakota Cat – West Fargo ND Davenport Supper Club – Davenport ND
D&S Beverages – Fargo ND Granite City – Fargo ND
Holiday Inn – Fargo ND Kindred Spirits Bar & Grill – Kindred ND
Knickerbocker Liquor Locker – Hickson Microsoft – Fargo ND
Northern Engine – Fargo ND O’Clevy’s Drinks & Eats – Fargo ND
Quality Meats – Fargo ND Red River Regional Marksmanship Center – Fargo ND
Southern Wine & Spirits – Fargo ND Scheels – Fargo ND
U Motors – Fargo ND Ultimate Transportation – Fargo ND
Wheels Inc – Fargo ND  
Arctic Cat – Thief River Falls MN Speedwerx – Forest Lake MN

Thank you to Big Erv’s for hosting us. And thank you to the club members who volunteered their time preparing for and pulling off this event. It doesn’t happen without our volunteers.

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Annual Kickoff Party – Sat. Dec 8th

Mark your calendars and plan to attend our annual Kickoff Party. This event is our annual fundraiser and membership drive and is the easiest and most fun way to support your local snowmobile club. Check out the flyer for details. We hope to see you there.


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And We’re Off

Welcome to the new season. The first blog post of the season generally occurs quite a bit earlier but it has been a busier than normal fall since we are working to get new trail maps prepared. Regardless of the latency of this first post we members and volunteers of your local snowmobile club have been preparing for the upcoming season for a couple months now and like you are looking forward to the promise of a fun and safe snowmobiling season. The past several seasons have been pretty lackluster but keep the faith, its sure to turn around and when it does, we will be ready.

So what’s going on? Here are some things to be aware of and some opportunities to get involved.

Trail Signing

Trail signing was started the first weekend of November and we are hoping to be able to wrap it up this Saturday, Nov 17th. We have about 35 miles left to cover, which is somewhere around 400 signs so we can certainly use more volunteers to get the job done.

We will be assembling at Casey’s in Horace at 9:30am then traveling to Christine with the plan to sign from Christine to Walcott to Kindred to Davenport to County 17. Please consider volunteering some time to help out this weekend. We’ll be easy to spot on this route so you won’t have a problem finding us if you can only help out for a couple hours near your home area.

State Convention

Our club will again have representation at the State Snowmobile Convention in Minot Nov30-Dec1. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other clubs in the state and share ideas. Attendees will also be renewing Groomer Operator and Trail Signing certifications. Have ideas/concerns you would like voiced at the state level? Feel free to let us know.

Annual Kickoff Party – Saturday Dec. 8th

Save the date. Each year we hold our Kickoff Party as a fundraiser and membership drive to help cover costs for trail installation and maintenance. This year’s event will be held at Big Erv’s in Horace from 5-8pm. You can be sure it will be a great time with lots of raffles and door prizes.

This is an easy and fun way to support your local snowmobiling club. Attending also comes with a bonus in that you can come away with some sweet prizes. Hope to see you there.

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That’s a wrap

We are at the end of another season. As usual it has been a busy spring with lots of work to get the season closed down. Thanks to all who volunteered their time and talent to get the job done. Without you there is no trail system.

Groomer Maintenance

We once again had a good crew to complete groomer spring maintenance. Thanks to Ian, Devin, Lavoy, Randy, Kevin, Steve, Tony and John. Its great to have a group of mechanically capable individuals willing to work together to keep our most important piece of equipment in top condition and “at the ready” for next season.

Drag Maintenance

Special thanks to Lavoy for rebuilding the rear axle on the drag. We’ve been getting by with it for a few seasons and it was definitely in need of replacement. Thank you for taking on this task and knocking it out of the park!!!

Trail Sign Removal

This past weekend we were able to retrieve the signs from the trail system. With the late season snows and cold this job got pushed back a few weeks but we were still able to get the signage out of the way before area farmers got going (always an important consideration for our trail signage installation and removal timing).2018SignRemovalCrew Once again we had a capable and hardworking crew and lucked out with a beautiful day. Thanks to Kyle, Garrison, Regan, Adam, Gus, John, Brian, Matt and Kevin for getting this big job knocked out of the way.

And That’s a Wrap

Groomer, drag and sign trailer have been stored for the summer and the past season laid to rest. Our focus now turns to planning and preparation for next season…as they say, no rest for the weary.

We hope you were able to get out and enjoy the trails this season and in doing so, we also hope you took a moment to think about the effort it takes to make the trail system possible. As you reflect on past seasons and trail riding experiences with friends and family, please consider your role in the future of snowmobiling. Without snowmobilers there is no reason to have a trail system. Without volunteers there is no trail system. What are you willing to do to ensure future trail riding experiences are possible?

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Getting Closer

Trail Status and Conditions

We are getting closer to having enough snow to open the trails. Pay attention to the official trail status and conditions available on the Snowmobile ND site and use this information as your guide to trail closures and conditions. Also check out the “Grooming Facts” section on our Trail Information page for additional information.

Interactive Trail Map

GroomedTrailMapTrail groomers are now equipped with GPS units to track their progress as the trail system is groomed. Visit the interactive trail map and use it as another tool to understand the conditions of your favorite trails.

An important reminder for all riders is to be sure to allow the trail time to setup after grooming. Without setup time, a freshly groomed trail can be trashed by a single rider…don’t be “that guy”. Several factors affect trail setup time but 2 hours is generally the minimum. Be the guy that helps other riders understand the importance of waiting for the trail to set up so we can all enjoy the efforts of the trail groomer.

Trail Moves

There are two temporary changes on our trail system due to ongoing work related to the Fargo diversion.

State highway 81 north of Hickson

The trail detours off of highway 81 and heads west at 50th St SE and then curves south on Main Ave to meet up with highway 81 at the north edge of Hickson. The area of highway 81 being avoided is an active construction zone and as such contains several hazards that forced a detour. Please follow trail markings.

Intersection of county highways 16 and 17 south of Horace

Be aware the trail crosses county highway 17 about 3/4 mile north of the intersection with county highway 16. The highway traffic speed limit is reduced in this area but your safety is still your responsibility. Pay attention to the signs that guide you across the highway, especially the stop signs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday season from the Red River Sno-Riders.

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