Club Meeting – Wed May 4th

It’s time for our last meeting of the year. The meeting will be held at the Fire Hall in Horace at 7pm on Wed, May 4th.

The primary topic will be club board elections. We have been going year by year with our board positions so it’s time to do it again so we can have the new board in place for pre-planning tasks for next season. Being on the board is the ultimate way to get involved with your local snowmobile club. Hope you can join us and support the process.

At the last meeting, we began the process of pre-planning for next season and those discussions will continue at this meeting as well. Now is actually a great time to get involved as decisions this spring are an important part of setting the club up for success next season.

With all the wet weather we have not been able to get out to remove trail signs. As the weather improves, we will be getting after it as soon as we can to ensure we are out of the way for the spring farming efforts. Please stay tuned for timing and come out and lend a hand. It’s a big job so more hands are always welcome to ensure we can get the job done quickly.

We’ll see you there!!!

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