April Club Meeting and End of Season

There will be no in-person April club meeting due to social distancing recommendations. No, unfortunately this is not an April Fools thing.

Currently we are conducting club business via normal forms of indirect communication. This has been sufficient thus far, but we will consider virtual meeting options if needed.

Today (April 1st) is the official end of the trail season so our focus now turns to end of season groomer maintenance and trail sign removal. Both are large efforts that we must accomplish in a timely manner that keeps our volunteers safe and adheres to social distancing requirements.

For trail sign pickup this likely boils down to having several very small groups of people (preferably from the same household) working independently. So as things dry up in the coming weeks please feel free to start picking up trail signs. Just let us know what areas you cleared…and take some pics that we can share (snoriders@hotmail.com or FaceBook). When you are out, please be aware of road traffic and be as visible as possible…flashers on and bright clothing at a minimum.

Stay safe everybody.

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