Club Meeting – Wed May 1st

We will be having our last scheduled club meeting of the season Wednesday, May 1st at 7pm at Big Erv’s in Horce. The primary agenda items will be to close down business for the current season and discuss ideas for next season (and the off season). Join us and share your ideas.

This past weekend we completed the last big job of the season, trail sign removal. A huge TrailSignPickup_Spring2019Thank You to everyone who came out to help pull signs for the year. Thanks to Brian, Kevin, Regan, Steve, Garrison, TJ, Devin, Tony, Matt, Pete, Levi, John, Jackson, Lavoy, Randy, and to Wayne Peter and Dakota Cat (for the use of a 4-wheeler). What an awesome crew we had this year. Three teams really helps make this a quick job.

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