Next club meeting in Kindred, Wed Jan 9th

Our next club meeting is Wed, Jan 9th at 7pm at Spirits Lounge in Kindred. As we continue through the season we are moving our meeting locations around some in an attempt to connect with folks from other parts of the trail system. We want to meet riders from all parts of the trail system. We need involvement from all parts of the trail system. Our core group is willing to move around and we hope when we come you your corner of the trail system you are willing to spend some time with us. As noted in the heading, our next stop is in Kindred. We hope to see you there.

Trail Condition Information

Just a reminder that official trail status and condition information is located at

For additional trail information visit our web site at Trail Information and Trail Map.

Interactive trail maps showing recent groomer activity located at

Riding Etiquette

Just a reminder that as you are out riding this winter, please respect private property. You can legally ride on the snowmobile trail and road right of ways. Adjacent land is not necessarily open to snowmobiles. We are all representatives of the snowmobiling community and as such are all responsible for how we are viewed by the general public. So lets be respectful out there. It’s really pretty simple…if you don’t know, then don’t go.

Get out there and ride

We are nearing the heart of the riding season. I hope you have been able to get out and start enjoying the sport with family and friends. Mother nature has really been keeping us on our toes and you can be sure we will be doing our best with the provided snow conditions. Keep doing that snow dance, get out there riding and support the clubs that provide the trails you ride. Be safe and have fun out there.

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