Trail Signing Completed

Well almost. There are a couple small areas that we needed to skip due to road construction and corn harvest but we are really, I mean REALLY close to complete.

Saturday’s weather made it a real struggle. After a delay to let the roads melt off we were greeted with an afternoon of persistent drizzle. If you thought it was a miserable day to be out, you were right.2089 We were all a bit soggy by the end of the day but also pretty proud that we persevered and made a lot of progress. Sunday was colder but at least it was dry. Thankfully the wind wasn’t beating us up. The past few years we have been pretty lucky with the weather so I guess it was time to for some payback. 🙂

We had 12 different people help over the weekend. Thank you to Matt L, Kevin J, Kevin S, Regan M, Garrison M, Lavoy W, Randy S, Steve A, Troy M, Gus R, Brian M and John R. You’re a hard working bunch and without your dedication there is no trail.

Now onto the next big project, the Annual Kickoff Party which will be held Saturday, Dec 2nd. Our next club meeting (Tuesday Nov 11th at 7pm) will focus on planning for this event. Hope you can join us and help make this event a success and fun for all.










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