It’s Go Time

Another summer is past and the promise of a fantastic snowmobile season is before us. Fantastic? Well maybe we should set more realistic expectations and wish for a normal winter. You know, a winter where we can ride at every opportunity rather than a day here or there between those frustrating thaws. Wouldn’t that be great? Absolutely, so we’d better start preparing!

Club meeting – Tuesday Oct. 3rd

This will be our first club meeting of the new season. We’ll meet at 7pm at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill. The primary agenda is to set season goals and initiate a plan to achieve them. Its always a good time to join your local club but right now is when you can have the biggest impact. We have a handful of dedicated individuals that each year go the extra mile (risking burnout) just to achieve the minimum club goals. More club activities requires more club involvement. Come join us and help make this a great year.

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