Club Meeting Tues, Mar 7th

Next club meeting is at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill on Tuesday, March 7th at 7pm.

The agenda will be focused on end of season planning. The state trail system officially closes April 1st so we will be scheduling trail sign removal and trail groomer maintenance efforts.

Another interesting season

Its been an interesting season so far. At least we got the trail system opened and groomed a couple times before the January heat wave and subsequent mild weather knocked us out. Another year of minimal winter and extended spring in our region…ugh!!! Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy trails in other parts of the state. Either way we all need to keep the faith and look forward to the next chance to ride…whenever that may be.

Whatever the season’s outcome, the club has the same amount of startup and shutdown efforts to get accomplished and we need your help. Please consider joining us at the next meeting and see how you can get involved to make a difference or even just share a couple hours to help with trail teardown this spring. Any help is appreciated…and you can brag to your buddies that you did something to help the club that makes the local trail system they ride on possible.

2018 Snowmobile Manufacturers Sneak Peak

Fargo will once again be a stop on the annual snowmobile sneak peak tour. This is an opportunity to see the 2018 snowmobile models first hand and interact with manufacturer representatives. This years event is Wednesday, April 3rd from 4-9pm at the FargoDome. Visit for more info.

Check out the local dealerships too as there have been some 2018 models showing up in town already. Its never too early to start thinking about new hardware for next season and there’s no one better than your local dealership to answer your questions and help make it happen.

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