Lots going on. Like what you ask?

The snow is not flying yet, heck we’ve barely seen frost this fall. Still there is a lot going on behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming snowmobiling season. Here are the big ones.

Trail Map Sponsor Advertising

It’s time to reprint trail maps so we are in the process of securing sponsor advertising to help offset the cost. If you would like to advertise on our trail map ($50) please contact us at SnoRiders@hotmail.com. If you know someone who may be interested, please share this information with them. Space is limited and we will be going to print in early November so don’t wait.

Trail Signing Prep

There has been a lot of extra effort over the years to build up the club’s ability to install, maintain and tear down trail signage. We are in pretty good shape with regard to available signs but there is always more to do. This year the focus is on safety when we are out doing trail work. Our signing trailer will now have caution lights and we will purchase additional safety clothing to increase visibility to passing traffic. In addition we are working to improve storage for un-mounted signs and miscellaneous club equipment. We’ve outgrown our piling system.

Speaking of trail signing, when will we be signing this year? We try to time this effort with the end of the farming season to minimize impact on those trying to finish tillage and mowing efforts. Each year is a bit different but normally we get started somewhere between the last weekend of October and mid-November. Stay tuned for more info.

Event Planning

We are planning for two major club events this year. We have ideas for more but currently don’t have the manpower to pull them off. If you’d like to see more club events, please get involved and bring along your riding buddies. Together we can make it happen.

Here is what we are currently planning. Get these on your calendar and of course, bring your friends.

Annual Kickoff Party – Saturday, December 10th – This event is our primary fundraiser and membership drive for the year. Lots of drawings and door prizes. If you’d like to donate any items for this event please contact us at SnoRiders@hotmail.com.

Radar Run – Saturday, February 11th – The name says it all. Snow conditions have been an issue for the past couple years. We are hopeful this year will be different.

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